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02E: Private Investigator Entry Level Course

6VAC20-171-120. Initial registration application.
A. Individuals required to be registered, pursuant to § 9.1-139 C of the Code of Virginia, in the categories of armored car personnel, courier, unarmed security officer, armed security officer, security canine handler, explosives detector canine handler, narcotics detector canine handler, private investigator, personal protection specialist, alarm respondent, locksmith, central station dispatcher, electronic security sales representative, electronic security technician, or electronic security technician's assistant shall meet all registration requirements in this section. Prior to the issuance of a registration, the applicant shall meet or exceed the requirements of registration and application submittal to the department as set forth in this section. Individuals who carry or have access to a firearm while on duty must have a valid registration with a firearm endorsement pursuant to 6VAC20-171-140. If carrying a handgun concealed, the individual must also have a valid concealed handgun permit and the written permission of his employer pursuant to § 18.2-308 of the Code of Virginia.

B. Each person applying for registration shall meet the minimum requirements for eligibility as follows:
1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age;
2. Successfully complete all initial training requirements for each registration category requested, including firearms endorsement if applicable, pursuant to the compulsory minimum training standards in 6VAC20-171-350; and
3. Be a United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.

Private investigator (02E) - 60 hours

  • a. Orientation

              (1) Applicable sections of the Code of Virginia
              (2) 6VAC20-171, Regulations Relating to Private Security Services
              (3) Standards of professional conduct
              (4) Ethics
              (5) Signs of Terrorism

  • b. Law - one practical exercise

              (1) Basic law
              (2) Legal procedures and due process
              (3) Criminal and Civil law
              (4) Evidence
              (5) Legal privacy requirements

  • c. General investigative skills - one practical exercise

              (1) Tools and techniques
              (2) Surveillance
              (3) Research
              (4) Interviewing

  • d. Documentation - one practical exercise

              (1) Report preparations
              (2) Photography
              (3) Audio recording
              (4) General communication
              (5) Courtroom testimony

  • e. Types of investigations - one practical exercise

              (1) Accident
              (2) Insurance
              (3) Background
              (4) Domestic
              (5) Undercover
              (6) Fraud and financial
              (7) Missing persons and property
              (8) Criminal

  • f. Written comprehensive examination

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