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07E: Handgun Entry Level Course

6VAC20-171-365. General firearms training requirements.
A. Firearms training endorsement is required for all private security services business personnel who carry or have immediate access to a firearm while on duty. Each person who carries or has immediate access to firearms while on duty shall qualify with each type of action and caliber of firearm to which he has access.
B. Each person registered as armored car personnel, security canine handler, detector canine handler, private investigator, alarm respondent, locksmith, central station dispatcher, electronic security sales representative, electronic security technician, or electronic security technician's assistant must complete entry-level handgun training in order to apply for a firearms endorsement.
C. Each person applying for a registration as an armed security officer/courier must complete security officer handgun training in order to apply for a firearms endorsement.
D. Each person registered as a personal protection specialist must complete entry-level or armed security officer handgun training and advanced handgun training in order to apply for a firearms endorsement.

07E: Handgun Entry Level Course

6VAC20-171-370. Entry level handgun training.
Handgun classroom training.
1. The entry-level handgun classroom training will include but not be limited to the following:
    a. Practical handgun handling
        (1) Identification of handgun parts
        (2) Draw
        (3) Reholstering
        (4) Ready position
        (5) Loading
        (6) Administrative loading
        (7) Tactical reloading
        (8) Rapid reloading
        (9) Unloading
        (10) Malfunctions
        (11) Immediate actions procedures
        (12) Remedial action
        (13) Proper care and maintenance
        (14) Firearms retention
        (15) Ammunition identification and management
        (16) Range safety
    b. Fundamentals of marksmanship
        (1) Grip
        (2) Stance (position)
        (3) Sight alignment
        (4) Sight picture
        (5) Trigger control
        (6) Breathing
        (7) Follow through
    c. Dim light/low light/reduced light practice and familiarization
        (1) Identification of target/threat/background
        (2) Unaided training
        (3) Aided training
        (4) Flashlight use
        (5) Reloading during low light conditions
        (6) Malfunctions
        (7) Range safety
    d. Use of force
        (1) Deadly force
        (2) Justifiable deadly force
    e. Liability
        (1) Criminal liability
        (2) Civil liability
        (3) Negligent discharge prevention
     f. Judgmental shooting: judgmental shooting scenarios will be conducted in the classroom/range
     g. Lead exposure

Total Hours (excluding written examination) - 16 hours

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